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Frankincense - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oil of Frankincense (Boswellia cartreii). Origin: Somalia


Commonly  known properties of Frankincense

Antiseptic (resists or destroys bacteria), astringent (contracts & tightens tissue), carminative (settles digestive organs, flatulence), cicatrisant (wound healing, promotes formation of scar tissue), cytophylactic (encourages skin cell growth), diuretic (encourages urine production/excretion), emmenagogue (encourages regulation of menstrual cycle/flow), expectorant (releases mucous in respiratory system), sedative (calming, reduces nervousness/anxiety), uterine (tonic for uterus), vulnerary (promotes wound healing, prevents cellular degeneration).


Common uses for Frankincense

Anti-Ageing.  Supercharge your beauty sleep - add a drop to a Rosehip carrier oil/serum in your palms & gently pat around eyes, brow, lips & back of hands.

Asthma, Bronchitis, Chesty Coughs: With a carrier oil (eg jojoba, organic cold pressed coconut oil) apply a 2-4 drops & massage into to soles of feet, back of neck, chest.   As an inhalation with steam.

Stress, insomnia: with carrier oil as above or massage into temples. Rub between palms to create a little heat, gently cup hands over nose & mouth & breathe deeply through nose/mouth. Steam inhalation.

Meditation: As above or massage to third eye (centre of forehead)  Rub between palms to create a little heat, gently cup hands over nose & mouth & breathe deeply through nose/mouth.


A little about FRANKINCENSE – actually a honey-amber coloured resin from the boswellia species of tree. The tree bark is scored to release the milky liquid which solidifies into the honey-amber resin. (trees are not chopped down) The best oils come from Oman and Somalia. It is also grown in Ethiopia and Western India. The Oman harvested oil is considered the most highly prized but is seldomly exported as it is reserved exclusively for the Sultan! Sattwa favors the Somalian grown Frankincense. (until I make friends with the Sultan ha ha) Frankincense is an expensive premium & exotic oil well loved for beauty, medicine, meditation and religious ceremonies. It has been used since ancient times in Egypt, Greek, Hebrew & Roman times (eg mentioned in bible, most famously as a gift after the birth of Jesus, burned as an incense and an integral part of Cleopatra’s beauty routine!).

Today we love it for benefits of toning, uplifting, preventing tissues from breaking down, encouraging new cell growth, great for wrinkles and firming skin. The aroma is calming, stress relieving, helps us to bring stillness to the mind/centre ourselves....and a little mysterious! These wonderful qualities deem it a quintessential ingredient in Sattwa Day/Night face creams & Essential Serum!

More recently information is emerging regarding its benefit in relief of tumors/cancers due to its cytophylactic/sedative/vulnerary properties.   While many have found Frankincense helpful, we always recommend seeking the approval of your health care provider prior to ingesting any essential oils or using essential oils for this purpose.

The above is for information/interest purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or replace the advice of your health care provider. 

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  1. Frankinsense 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2016

    The information on the bottle smudged after oily fingers touched it so I wasn't able to read the ingredients and any info about the oil or show anyone that the oil is pure, organic, therapeutic grade etc.

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