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Customer Care

The Sattwa Skincare products contain only 100% pure practitioner grade/organic essential oils and natural/naturally derived plant ingredients.  However, some people can be allergic to natural ingredients.  We recommend patch testing our products on a small area of skin before use.  In the extremely unlikely event that an irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

The use of Essential Oils is known to be beneficial to many, and we are very happy to assist our customers with product selections.  However, any such recommendations by Sattwa Skincare are not to be considered medical advice.  The product descriptions provided do not replace the advice of your health care provider.

Shelf Life

For best shelf life store your Sattwa Skincare and essential oil products in cool dark place (away from heat and sunlight).  Although a natural rosemary derived preservative is added to most Sattwa products; shelf life depends on storage conditions such as heat, light and portion of product inside container which is exposed to air with oxygen (oxidisation).  Oxidisation occurs when product is exposed to air and this compromises the benefits of essential oils.  Oxidisation may also increase risk of skin irritation.  As a guide, an unused product will have a longer shelf life than a product half used on the same shelf therefore products are recommended for use within 12 months of opening.