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Customer Care

The Sattwa Skincare products contain only 100% pure practitioner grade/organic essential oils and natural/naturally derived plant ingredients.  However, some people can be allergic to natural ingredients.  We recommend patch testing our products on a small area of skin before use.  In the extremely unlikely event that an irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

The use of Essential Oils is known to be beneficial to many, and we are very happy to assist our customers with product selections.  However, any such recommendations by Sattwa Skincare are not to be considered medical advice.  The product descriptions provided do not replace the advice of your health care provider.


Sustainability and Ethics

Each raw ingredient with in Sattwa products are plant based and has hand selected by me after much research.   Sattwa is certified cruelty free and as such every ingredient has been harvested or created with no harm animals.  I will always make the best decision possible for product safety, efficacy, ease of use and the planet. In addition to this I want you to feel that your Sattwa product is potent, nourishing your skin, indulgent and an absolute treat for your body and soul.   Scent profile of the essential oil is also important.  Here are some examples surrounding the intricate details I take care with in creating Sattwa Skincare.  I favour:

- Organic or wild grown oils

 -Reduced carbon footprint, Australian oils grown by Aussie farming families. Fully recyclable packaging, manufactured here in Australia! Packing materials fully recyclable/compostable - even down to the sticky tape!

 - Country of origin. Where ingredient is not grown locally, I favour producer of the most sustainable, highly prized source. eg French lavender over Bulgarian.  Australian Sandalwood from WA, not Indonesia.  Australian Palma Rosa over Indonesian.  Australian Eucalyptus from Sth Australia over China or South African (yes, China produces more of this native gem than we do!) You get the idea!  

 - Palm Free or sustainable palm is also a criteria I am passionate about.   We all know palm oil is cheap, nasty and not good for our bodies nutritionally.  In  Indonesia it is also an industry which is responsible for traumatic destruction of Orangutan habitat and pollution caused by fires in harvesting Indonesian palm oil.   All Sattwa products are free from Indonesian Palm Oil.  However, palm oil derivatives are very difficult to avoid. (iust check the fine print or your kids favourite treat in the snack aisle, condiments or cosmetic in the supermarket.  It is also disguised under a variety of names.  You can check them here together with palm free/RSPO logos to look for)  If a raw material does contain palm oil derivatives, I have a statement from that supplier to certify that the palm oil derivatives are Malaysian and not of Indonesian origin.  In Malaysia palm oil is a renewable resource and industry that supports farming communities.  It is harvested without fires or destruction to orangutan habitat.   

Sattwa Skincare products do not contain: SLS, SLES, PEG, Microplastics, colours, added parabens, synthetic preservatives or any oils I consider to be cheap, nasty and highly refined. Basically if the oil isnt good enough for my body, I don't expect you to apply it to yours!  My candles are also pure soy, GMO and palm free and are hand poured by me.


 Shelf Life

For best shelf life store your Sattwa Skincare and essential oil products in cool dark place (away from heat and sunlight).  Although a natural rosemary derived preservative is added to most Sattwa products; shelf life depends on storage conditions such as heat, light and portion of product inside container which is exposed to air with oxygen (oxidisation).  Oxidisation occurs when product is exposed to air and this compromises the benefits of essential oils.  Oxidisation may also increase risk of skin irritation.  As a guide, an unused product will have a longer shelf life than a product half used on the same shelf therefore products are recommended for use within 12 months of opening.