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The meaning of Sattwa & Part 2 of my quick & easy tips to relax

Posted by Bec on

Hello there,

As you know each fortnight Sattwa Skincare has a stall at the Organic Markets. I am often asked “what does Sattwa mean?” Since I had promised you all part two of my 3 quick tips to bring more “sattwa” to your day - I thought it might be helpful to explain first…what on earth that means!

The word “Sattwa” originates from the ancient language and philosophy of Sanskrit. It is one of three “guna” or “energy forces” known as

1. Sattwa,

2. Rajas and

3. Tamas. 

The Ancient Indians believed the energy of these three “guna” were present around us all the time, but in varying concentrations. Each guna has an important place in our existence.

1. Sattwa is all things peace, calm, happiness, good health, generosity, love, freedom from disease (eg enjoying a sunrise over a calm ocean).

2. Rajas is creativity, chaos, energy, you need it for things to happen (eg walking through the city on a Monday morning, Saturday morning sport, trying to rustle up dinner for your ravenous family, or Christmas shopping in a busy mall) and

3. Tamas is darkness, sickness, lethargy, heaviness, it allows us to sleep at night.

So who wants a little extra “Sattwa” in their life? Here are my next 3 quick and easy tips to creating a little more “Sattwa” time…

So there you have my 3 quick and easy tips for some Sattwa express! Choose just one or all 3 to bring a ‘lil bit of relaxation to your day. I hope your skin is just loving your Sattwa Skincare, & would love to hear your feedback.