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Sneak more relaxation into your day - 3 quick & easy tips

Posted by Bec on

Hello there,

I hope this finds you all relaxed after the long weekend, or maybe not so much after daylight saving & footy finals bbq’s? We are mid-school holidays after all! Much has been happening at Sattwa HQ too. A few of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to introduce Sattwa Skincare to a group of lovely Mums in Sydney’s Inner West. The conversation quickly turned to how to balance work/life/”me time” (and can we ever really achieve it?) A wise and sane mother (of 5 children) shared how she would encourage her children to enjoy some afternoon “quiet/resting time” in their bedroom and this got me thinking about quick and easy ways for bringing more relaxation and happiness to our day, after all - this is the ancient meaning of Sattwa – peace, stillness, happiness, generosity, freedom from disease etc …so here are my 3 easy tips for indulging

in a little “sattwa” time this week….

So there you have my 3 quick and easy tips for some Sattwa express! Choose just one or all 3 to bring a ‘lil bit of relaxation to your day. In the coming week I’ll send 3 more quick & easy Sattwa express tips. I hope your skin is just loving your Sattwa Skincare, & would love to hear your feedback.

Best wishes,

Bec xxx