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Quick & easy tips to beat Winter skin

Posted by Bec on

Are you hiding your dry scaly legs behind jeans ..or active wear ;).

Winter can be unkind to our skin..in addition to the harsh, cold and hotter showers did you know your body also produces less oil (sebum) during Winter? This combination causes your skin to become dry and sometimes cracked..it can be uncomfortable and lets face it - it isn't pretty! Here are my quick and easy tips to help quench your thirsty skin this Winter..
Exfoliate - mechanically sloughs away dead skin cells, dirt and grime to reveal new skin and helps keep pores clean. Exfoliate in the shower/bath with your fave microplastic/SLS free body scrub or loofah. I love how So-Smoothis multi-use, not drying and leaves my face feeling fresh, soft and so so smooth.
Body Brushing - Use either dry or wet (in shower/bath), long strokes towards the heart on the long bits (limbs), circular motions on the round bits (glutes) and be careful of your tender bits (!!!). For some added self care don't forget to brush over the soles of your hard working feet...ahhhh. Body Brushing is also great for encouraging circulation, lypmhatic drainage, removal of waste/toxins and is said to aid in dispersing cellulite. It is easy and leaves your skin and energy feeling wonderful. If you are new to body brushing, it can leave your skin feeling a bit warm to begin with. A rinse under a cool shower is soothing.
Nourish - Now that your skin is clean and fresh, let it soak up the goodness of an premium plant oil eg coconut/rosehip (high in linolenic acid and omegas) or body lotion eg I love Heavenly blend - rich with coconut oil/cocoa butter and essential oils of Australian Sandalwood (from WA) and organic Ylang Ylang. Enjoy a 'lil "me time". Let your face, body, hands and feet be nourished - enjoy your gorgeous silky smooth skin, both in and out of your active wear.

I hope this is helpful, feel free to hit reply and let me know your fave Winter skin saving tricks
Best wishes
Rebecca :)

PS the Sattwa website has lots of helpful oils/natural body brushes to get you through the winter or if you would like to sample the range, find me at the Organic Markets this weekend!