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My Top 5 Event Ready Skin Tips

Posted by Bec on

My Top 5 Event Ready Skin Tips:

Inspired by the awards, Spring picnics or work parties you may have on the horizon, I thought I'd share my Top 5 Special Event Ready Skin Tips:

1) Exfoliate: Did you know our skin skin cells take 28 days to complete their renewal process; from where they are made in the deep layers of granular tissue to exfoliation at the epidermis? Exfoliation helps to manually remove dry and dull cells to reveal your fresh new ones. For event skin readiness I exfoliate every 2-3 days. Concentrating on T-zone where pores are larger and prone to clogging. I use So-Smooth Exfoliant, especially before a spray tan and on the day of the event. Take care around delicate skin of eyes and cheeks. I also body brush in the shower every week. You can read the benefits and my tips on body brushing here .

2) Cleanse: wash off the day and take your make up off every night. I love the Restore cleanser because it is has a base of sesame oil and leaves my skin feeling so fresh, without feeling tight and stripped. This cleanser also multi tasks as an eye make up/long wear lipstick remover. But even warm water and a face cloth is better than not at all. Environmental pollution, our own sebum (oil), make up and sunscreen clog pores and inhibit waste removal functions of the skin. This also saves you from waking up with "panda eyes" and your serum will work more efficiently.

3) Nourish: Apply your favorite moisturiser or serum to clean skin. It is no secret I love the XY face cream for hydrating and balancing my skin in Winter. And the Essential Serum for the way it is readily absorbed by our skin with its potent blend of exotic botanicals - known for their anti-ageing benefits and giving radiance and glow. And the aroma is so calming and beautiful. If my skin feels like it needs an afternoon pick me up before the kids are home from school, a quick spritz of Summer Rain feels so refreshing and energising. 

4) Spray Tan - because it safely makes me feel like I've just returned from an island holiday....and shed 5kgs (LOL)

5) Make healthy choices: I try to favor nutrient dense foods and limit gluten and alcohol* Drink plenty of H20. Make time for exercise. I'm really enjoying a quick sweat to run/walk the local bush tracks with Chilli dog.

*btw if you crave wine in the evenings, try a kombucha with sparkling water. Both wine and kombucha are fermented and it may be may the fermentation your body is craving. Try it and hit reply to let me know! :)