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5 QUICK TIPS for Spring-worthy skin in the sunshine

Posted by Bec on

The days are getting warmer and brighter...can you feel it?

Here are my 5 top tips to get Spring-worthy skin in the sunshine

1.CLEANSE - Spring is all about cleansing. Fresh new beginnings, new energy, awakening our senses. Begin the new season with some self care...follow your bliss and enjoy some "me time" (alternatively a de-clutter of your wardrobe or the "chaos" drawer is also cleansing!)

2. SCRUB UP - exfoliating is a good way to invigorate our energy levels, remove toxins, improve circulation and mechanically remove dead cells. Use a natural body brush or salt scrub. If you are super organised - time your body salt scrubs with the full moon. Why? It is said that our body is most efficient at rebalancing and absorbing the minerals in Himalayan salt around the full moon. (Himalayan salt is special because it contains 84 of the minerals found on earth, sea salt typically has 55 minerals) Supercharge your "Full Moon Scrub" with a 20min soak in a relaxing bath, maybe with a candle & a glass of wine..or a kombucha with a splash of sparkling water? It is also time for cleansing our emotions. Leave the past in the past and move forward with new energy.

3.NOURISH - using a plant based body oil is simply wonderful for our skin. eg rosehip, coconut, macadamia, jojoba, sweet almond. These are all readily absorbed by the body and rich in omegas/linolenic acid. They soak right in and allow our new skin cells to be nourished as they are being made. I love the Moisture Mist Body Oil, it is quick, mess free and always leaves my skin feeling silky, gorgeous and it smells divine. 

4.LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- begin to transition your diet from slow cooked food to fresh food. According to the Ayurveda now is the time we should introduce more bitter and astringent tastes (ahh more kombucha! Great for gut health too!) and avoid sweet/salty foods coming into Spring. 

5:GO OUTSIDE - immersing ourselves in nature reduces the stress hormone (cortisol). Walk on the beach, bush track, stretch or just close your eyes, be mindful and breathe for a moment... bask in the Spring sunshine with your gorgeous glowing skin! 

If you are interested to learn more this MyDeal article featured me recently alongside other Springworthy skin tips. Enjoy.

I hope this is helpful, feel free to hit reply and share your fave Spring worthy tips (or kombucha infusions) or find me at the Organic Markets this week for Father's Day gifts!

Best wishes
Rebecca xx